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Cassandra Tiensivu
Posted (edited)

Hey everyone. I’m looking for more information on Goniatites found in the Mississippian Coldwater Shale. I found this little guy today after cracking open another packstone (second to last photo shows the host stone) I picked up in South Haven, Michigan, along the shores of Lake Michigan. 

Any insights you could toss my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time! 






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Fixing my number indication for which photo was the host stone as the upload changed the order for some reason.
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 Lower Mississipian Cephalopods of Michigan .ID118.pdf

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Beyrichoceras allei  is the most similar match from Miller & Garner 1955: mail?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmail.yimg.com%2Fok%2Fu%2Fassets%2Fimg%2Femoticons%2Femo71.gif&t=1621110448&ymreqid=23281213-8dc1-3cff-1cee-9f0101018400&sig=Wrjwn9wpCljrq1nc9DgZDg--~D




Miller, A.K. & Garner, H.F. 1955
Lower Mississippian Cephalopods of Michigan. Part III. Ammonoids and Summary.
Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan, 12(8):113–173  PDF LINK

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Cassandra Tiensivu
18 minutes ago, piranha said:

Beyrichoceras allei

Thank you very much! 

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The second rock seems to have several small coral on the left side, the bigger form maybe rugose coral too or a bryozoan, but it is unclear, I believe because of recrystallisation with bigger grains of crystal.

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