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Not sure if they're fossilized bone or not. The do stick to my tongue. They're fairly dense and anywhere from 4 to 4½ inches in length.




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Sorry. These all look like weathered limestone, and not bone. 

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Agree, all look like rocks to me, not fossils or bones. Some fun shapes there though!

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The first pic is very suggestively shaped, but I dont see any telltale signs of any of this being bone.  Fossil bones have the same appearance and features as any modern bone you will see.  There are longitudinal striations, pores, layers, and most have a spongy marrow center (Dugong bones do not.  Learned that recently after mis-identifying a pic).  Pic up any bone you find laying on the ground and you can immediately identify it as bone, even if the color is different.  Broken bone bits still look have the characteristics.  Learn to look beyond a suggestive silhouette, thats only a single aspect of identifying "bone or not"

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