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Recent Findings in Venice, FL

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I recently went to Venice Beach, and I was hoping to ID my findings. One of which seems to be a large tooth without enamel, but I’m not completely sure. Let me know your thoughts on my haul!




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Lone Hunter

Pictures aren't showing up.

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No pictures. 

The Forum doesn't like the .HEIC format. 

Please convert them to .JPG format. This can be done easily online. 

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Pickles,  Welcome to TFF, a great place for fossil enthusiasts.

I can not quite get a zoom closeup on all your small shark teeth to identify clearly, but I can assure you that mostly you have Lemon, Bull, Dusky, Sand Tigers, tigers as in this poster of common Venice beach shark teeth.

It might be best is , comparing to this chart, you provide closeup photos of the teeth not in the category of "common" shark teeth.

Guide to Venice Beach Fossil Shark Teeth Hunting | Shark ...

On the non- Shark teeth,  everything gets so significantly worn by the salt water flowing over it for millions of years, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between seashells, coral, large shark teeth like Megalodons, broken bone fragments, etc, etc


Can not be certain, but I think your two large pieces in the middle of the photo might be oyster shell and coral respectively.  The one in your hand is more likely coral or bone broken into the shape of a large shark tooth than an actual shark tooth.

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