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NJ Cretaceous: Suspected Fish/Reptile Material

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Hello everyone,


I hope it going well for you! I recently ventured out into the Cretaceous of New Jersey and have come across a fossil that has me stumped.

I went along with my friends Roy (not on forum) and @The Jersey Devil and the day was somewhat slow. Other than this interesting find,

I think I may have found a partially hadrosaur tooth, but I need to take some better photos of it. The tooth is quite worn. I have included

my other finds from the somewhat short trip. My guess for the fossil is fish spine. I hope you enjoy. @non-remanié
















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Nice finds - the sawfish rostral teeth appear exceptional.  Must be a good, dry site.  I agree with your idea that the fossil is fish spine.

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Cool finds. I am really digging the bit of bone on the bottom right. Love finding that material in the brooks - the surface is so interesting to look at.

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