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I am told this is an fossiles egg from dendroolitihus sp.

It should be real, but who knows?  


IMG_1608.JPG  IMG_1609.JPG


IMG_1610.JPG  IMG_1611.JPG


IMG_1612.JPG  IMG_1613.JPG





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There are no dinosaur sites that I'm aware of in Taiwan that produce eggs

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Thanks for the info its hard to say much with just a photo.


Looks like a real egg, could stand additional preparation and stabilization of loose eggshell before more breaks off.  Some of the loose shell might have been reattached.


Its probably a Dendroolithus type egg but without a provenance I cannot be certain. 



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Thank you so much.
To mee, I dosn't look like the images on the forum showing fakes eggs.
I like the way the egg shell is inside the red matrix(?).
However, It looks like there have been done some careless gluing / cementing.
Bad? restauration could also be made on a fake one, to make it look like a real one.
I was wandering if there ars som sort of test, fx. taking a little piece of shell, it should contain calcium?

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The shape, color, and matrix looks very similar to my egg.

Probably came from Heyuan, China.

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