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Help ID Please. Cretaceous Bone With Big Hole Through It. Found in Alberta Badlands Near Red Deer River.


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Hello Everyone I recently came across three interesting bone fragments while hiking near the Red Deer River North of Drumheller ( Alberta, Canada). The one bone fragment has a perfectly round symmetrical hole right through it, & the second & third fragment appears to have little pock marks or indentations on it (reminds me a bit of the whisker pocks a dog has on its face) . Anyways I am just a hobbyist however the fragments with the pocked marks I'm going to guess is part of the jaw or maybe somewhere near the mouth? Any help to help ID or any additional information of any kind would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you all in advance! Have great weekend. 

IMG_9647.jpg IMG_9648.jpg


IMG_9649.jpg PicsArt_05-09-06.59.33.jpg


PicsArt_05-09-07.00.06.jpg PicsArt_05-09-07.00.42.jpg 


IMG_9638.jpg IMG_9639.jpg


IMG_9640.jpg IMG_9641.jpg


IMG_9650.jpg IMG_9651.jpg


IMG_9652.jpg IMG_9653.jpg


IMG_9654.jpg IMG_9656.jpg


IMG_9657.jpg IMG_9658.jpg


PicsArt_05-09-06.51.05.jpg PicsArt_05-09-06.51.35.jpg


PicsArt_05-09-06.52.28.jpg PicsArt_05-09-06_58_46.jpg

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First piece has the texture of ankylosaur bones that I have found

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Welcome to the Forum!  I don't know much about the bones of land animals but I have seen many fossil bones from marine mammals with marks similar to the ones on these bones that are identified as predator/scavenger feeding marks.  So whatever animal they come from, they are not just bones, they are also trace fossils that tell a story about the interaction of the animal with its environment (other animals).  Nice finds!

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