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Your Guess is Better Than Mine: Fossil Calamite? Scaled bark? Animal? ( Missouri )

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Location is in Missouri

The area is dated to the Pennsylvanian 

Formation: ????


Hello! it is I once again I was curious on what this might be as it looks different from what I usually see in this type shale


I have found Pyrite Calamites in shale  but they usually don't have this texture so I was unsure of what exactly it may be.



Zoomed in picture of the texture: 





Other side of this shale:



Not Sure if these will help with the ID but here is the picture with the end pieces visible





also for those interested here is the pyritized calamite I found near this:





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Lone Hunter

I think it may be bryzoan.

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2 minutes ago, Lone Hunter said:

I think it may be bryozoan.

Thank you for the id and now that I look at it, it does look like a bryozoan 

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Could be a bryozoan, or it could be some type of arthropod.

Not sure there is enough there to tell for sure which it may be.


Cropped and contrasted:



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