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Visited the Oregon Coast

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I recently visited the coast of Oregon and was able to beach comb along the Oregon coast from about Florence to just a bit north of Newport- an area spanning a short stretch of about the middle coast of Oregon. My sister lives along the coast there and she also loaned me her spare vehicle, "Greg the Van", for my adventures.

I was particularly interested to visit Agate Beach located a little north of the Yaquina Bay area for agate and fossil hunting and I found a few interesting things from around there. The trip was planned late and I didn't have time to do a lot of self-education about the geologic formations and what to look for but managed to gain just enough cursory information to cause trouble (LOL!).  I also asked the few folks I saw wandering about staring at the cliff walls and ground what they were looking for too! 

Some of the mid Oregon coast beaches are sandy with both large (even cliff-like) and small sand dunes behind the shoreline. 

Some beaches are covered with smooth, round, dark grey to black rocks shaped like cobblestones. These seem to have been tumbled down from inland mountain ranges and come in all sizes.

Some shorelines are very clearly lava outcroppings.

Others are rocky cliffs that shed jagged rocks from their cliff faces that are dark brown to black with red tints (see the small rectangular piece in the pics).

It's interesting to see at least three and maybe even four completely different types of beach landforms in such a small area- in maybe 60 to 75 miles of shoreline. 

Below are the items that captured my interest enough to keep although I seem to have misplaced at least one rough, yellow agate I had decided to keep. I think I'll have to really check all my pockets for hidden treasures when I go to do laundry later today. In the pictures I have 3 fossils, two agates, and some miscellaneous stuff that is probably not very interesting as far as fossils or rocks go but are just samples of stuff that I saw a lot of and decided to keep.

Also included is a pic of "Greg the Van", the bridge at Newport that I walked across a couple of times to visit the beaches and the beautiful historic and tourist destination of Newport, and a couple of random beach pics. I bought the bicycle at a used bike shop in Waldport for $75.00. It's a 7 speed and was probably the best money I spent all week (besides all the fresh Dungeness crab I tried to eat while there)!

I will include a pic of the California Sea Lions and the Harbor Seals lounging on the dock in Newport's tourist district. Those guys are hilarious! They argue endlessly over who gets to nap where.

In Newport is the Hatfield Marine Science Center and a large NOAA ship. The Hatfield Center has a whale skull in the garden. Around the skull are a few odds and ends that the folks who work there have found on the beaches and then thrown into the garden bed. If you visit, be sure to see what interesting bits have been tossed in to this garden!





Oregon 2021 041.JPG

Oregon 2021 302.JPG


Oregon 2021 283.JPG

Oregon 2021 288.JPG


Oregon 2021 117.JPG

Oregon 2021 056.JPG

Oregon 2021 321.JPG



Oregon 2021 130.JPG

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I found the missing items in a pocket while doing laundry. A fossil and 3 agates.|



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Neanderthal Shaman

Looks like it was a fun trip, I'm hoping to get out there in a week or two. The Hatfield Center is always fun

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I've driven along the Oregon coast - great country - but haven't looked for fossils there.  I've seen some cool stuff from out there, though - chalcedony-replaced Aturia and internal clam molds that are translucent.  There was a rock shop in Bandon that had some cool stuff.

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