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These were found about 10 - 15  ft. below the surface in red dirt layer of a hill with elevation about 100 ft. above sea level. (one of the highest points in our parish) along with lots of other similar pieces that look like Osteoderms or scouts. They are not located at a known fossil formation but in a current dirt/rock pit. We have found many native American tools and arrow heads on this hill in central Louisiana and while my husband was digging with an excavator we started noticing random bright objects in the otherwise solid red dirt layer and some of their photos are attached. We did lick them and at least one side stuck. Lol. (We didn't lick both sides) Thank you for your help. Let me know if you need any other info. I also have what looks like a vertebrate that I need to share as well.










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Sorry. I fear your scutes will all be scuttled.

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Harry Pristis

I think these are just rocks, but I'm encouraged that you know the proper term.  :tiphat:

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I agree - these look like chert or agate. 

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