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More Beltzville Fossils - Looking for ID help


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I went back to Beltzville recently and found a few more fossils with which I would like help identifying.  Last time I found what may have been a partial trilobite, and this time I found another that seems more likely.  I also found a fossil that I originally picked up for the crinoid stem, but later noticed a dome with an almost honeycomb-like pattern on it.  I am very curious as to what it is.  And lastly, what appears almost like a large ring.  Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks as always!

trilobite 2.jpg

trilobite? 2- BV.jpg

dome2 beltzville.jpg

circle large.jpg

honeycomb dome Beltzville.jpg

round mystery - bv.jpg

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The honeycomb is a crinoid calyx. An internal mold of the cup. The pattern is the plates which it was composed of.

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First is an imprint of an Eldredgeops rana trilobite thorax. 

Next looks like a crinoid calyx.  VERY NICE. 

Then what looks like a gastropod, maybe something like Bembexia. Internal mold, perhaps. 


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