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Kemmerer, Wyoming trip 3

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Hi everyone,


So, I’m going back to Kemmerer, Wyoming for the third time on August 12, 2021. My entire family will be going as well as two friends from Japan. I’m going, courtesy of fishdig.com.


I know the two from Japan will have a great time. I’m sure I’ll have a good time also.


I wonder what I’ll find this time. Last time, I found an awesome Mioplosus labracoides. Picture attached.




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Happy hunting! Wish I could come along too. One of these days maybe.

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Tidgy's Dad

Good luck! :Luck:

Hope you can find even better finds this time.

Like brachiopods and stuff..................

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Very nice fish.  Good luck in your fishing trip year.  My son and I are going to be going back to the AF quarry in July this year.

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