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Hi all, I visited Aust Cliff in South Gloucestershire, UK for a couple of hours last week. I wasn't expecting much as I know how heavily collected it is, but got a few bits of interest which I was happy with under the circumstances. I'd be interested in educated takes on a couple of bits of bone bed I found there at least, especially this first piece that contains what I believe to be multiple bone fragments as well as coprolite pieces and lots of small black fragments - not sure if scales, teeth or what.


Here's a view showing what I imagine is one end of a reptile limb bone - could this be Pachystropheus?






And on the other side are a couple of embedded chunks that have the honeycomb texture of bone but without the outer coating (not sure of the technical terms here!)

No chance of identifying such things I presume, beyond 'yes it's bone'?





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And then on the upper side you have various small fragments and I believe a coprolite. Any hope of identifying these?




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Also broke this section from a larger boulder but couldn't;t remove it without it fragmenting - seems once again like a cross section of bone to me - with the honeycomb texture - presumably from a bone of a half-decent size - am I on track with this assessment? Presuming the fragmentary nature means no chance of ID if so but hope the size may mean it can at least be narrowed down to larger reptile groups maybe (eg plesiosaur / ichthyosaur). Can also see some scales or similar in the same piece in the final close-up?






What about this piece? Coprolite? Spine? Tooth?


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Is this a rolled piece of bone? Again has a honeycomb texture.


Is this a fish scale or small vertebra (approx 8mm diameter)


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