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Abelisaurid tooth

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scorpion hunter
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My 'Abelisaurid' tooth from the Anacleto Formation, Rio Ne.....gro Argentina. Initially identified as Carnotaurus, but I suppose rocks don't lie.

Further 'research' leads me to believe that the Abelisaurus comahuensis could be the likely suspect(?)

Acquired my first Dinosaur book when I was 7, my knowledge is limited but my fascination is endless.

The tooth was legally acquired long before the restrictions that are now in place where brought in. 



P1280902 1 for.jpg

P1290109 1 for.jpg

P1290376 1 1 for.jpg

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Welcome to the forum

Like I've said many times before isolated teeth from Argentina are very difficult to Identify to a species/genus level because the provenance is always questionable.  For example Rio Ne.. is a Province with many different age formations including Allen and Anacleto and material changes hands many times before it gets to the collector.  Maintaining a solid provenance is hard if not impossible and I doubt local diggers knew the deposit they were in.  When this material came to sale in the 90's most sellers just used high profile name to sell, like Carnotaurus and never considered the actual deposit or Province it was found.   Carnotaurus for example comes from Chubut Province of La Colonia Formation.  


Without being able to see the full tooth guess yove already identified it as Abelisaurid.  So for the reasons stated above not much can be done to ID it any further.  A very tight Provenance is key in identification of Abelisaurid teeth since the all look pretty similar from Argentina 

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scorpion hunter

Location is always important, I agree. 

P1290354 1.jpg

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