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I have found a few Tentaculites specimens from the Leighton Formation, Maine; which is Pridoli, Silurian. I was wondering if it is possible to ID them to species, based on the external molds alone. I have read in a few papers that many tentaculite species are identified by the number and shape of the rings on the shell exterior. Unfortunately, I have not been able to many definitive papers on USA Tentaculites sp, and their identification.


The specimen below is only of the external mold. This is the best preserved, as well as smallest, of the specimens that I have collected.


So, is it possible to ID this specimen to species, or is it not complete enough?


Thanks in advance for your help! :)




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Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out! I have seen Journal of Paleontology articles in JSTOR, but I never realized they had a free signup. Do you have any particular papers in mind? 

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