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Hi y'all. While visiting a local rock shop, I saw these mammal teeth in a tray labeled "shark teeth," along with actual shark teeth. I wasn't sure of what they were and decided to take them home. Their proximity to another tray of fossil cetacean teeth and their rough similarity (crown-to-root ratio) made me think they could be odontocete. Thanks for any help! @Boesse@Harry Pristis






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I should have also mentioned that the teeth are 2 cm in height. Anyway, it seems that the marine mammal intuition led me somewhere. The crowns closely match harbour seal lower premolars. They may not necessarily be harbour seal, but perhaps at least in the pinniped clade. 







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This is a modern fur seal cheek tooth, probably Arctocephalus, or possibly a southern hemisphere sea lion (NOT California or Steller's sea lion).


Apical dental wear on postcanine teeth in a wild Australian fur seal... |  Download Scientific Diagram

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