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Turtle Shell? Rock?


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Hi again yall, I have another set of pictures of something I found that I am not at all sure what it is, hope it's at least a fossil this time, haha.


My first guess is some kind of shell from a turtle but again, huge newbie who probably has another cool rock to add to her collection. It is very nice to hold in your palm because of the shape and texture. 


Tried to get clear photos with a pen for size, found it in Arcadia Florida in the Peace River. 


Thanks as always!






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Doubled up on one of the photos
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Lone Hunter

Dont know what it is but pretty sure not turtle.

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It's definitely bone and there's a good chance it's turtle/tortoise shell.

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val horn

i think it is turtle, near the edge of the shell.  that is certainly not any kind of proof,, but that is what i would call it in my collection.

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