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What did I Find please?

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This may represent the activity of an animal. If so it would be called a trace fossil. A less recognizable aspect would be bioturbation.

I believe this is the best hope of it being a fossil, but can't really identify it as such.

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11 hours ago, ClaraE said:

I Found this in Huesca, Spain.

Can anyone tell me what I found please?



sorry i can't help.
I just wanted to say that it seems very curious to me, that in less than 48 hours, I have seen 3 publications asking for help, from people with Belgian nationality, about fossils found in Huesca (Spain).
Are you a group of friends or family? :zzzzscratchchin: :Wink1:

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Just now, ClaraE said:

KatrienE Is my aunt and Karelv is my nephew :thumbsu:

OK thank you.
Good luck, and enjoy the trip.

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