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Fossil Hunting in the Kansas City area

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I am a completely inexperienced fossil hunter currently living in a suburb of Kansas City, about 30 minutes from the Missouri side of Kansas City. I know a lot of land in Kansas is privately owned and off-limits to fossil hunters, but I'm not so sure about what's on the Missouri side. Are there any places around Kansas City that are relatively novice-friendly that I could start out with?

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Tidgy's Dad

Hi, mate, but instead of just asking for other peoples honeyholes, could you please do an introduction post first. 

You know, instead of just 'gimme'? 

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There are many spectacular posts on this forum sharing the fossils and geology of the KC metro area. Here is one of my favorite threads of all time:

From what I've read, you should be able to find many sites with little effort.

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There is also this helpful website:  LINK


Google "Fossil Hunting Missouri".  ;) Doing your own research is very rewarding when it does pay off.

Also, look into joining a local rock/mineral/fossil club.  Lots to learn and like minded people to meet.  :) 

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