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Allosaurus or Tyrannosaurus toe bone fossil?


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Hi all,


Recent find in an old collection. It appears to be a theropod fossil toe bone but I cannot tell what genus or species, or formation. I don’t want to jump to conclusions so I’m putting it out there to all you good people to help hive mind an answer. Thanks!




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Without a provenance and its poor preservation going to be difficult.  Can you post a side image of the  phalanx, both sides. There are lots more theropods out there that would fit that size.


Edit is the second photo a top view?

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Very odd preservation.

It does have the appearance of a Tyrannosaurid Left pes Digit IV Phalanx 1 .   But having said that without a provenance there are multiple Tyrannosaurids it could be or other theropod.  

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I was wondering if the pitting on the bone is disease? I found the preservation unusual too.

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I dont know if it disease or preservation.  The latter possibly because several of your photos like this one appears to be below the outer layer..



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