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Another 'egg' like fossil, or a egg?

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A couple of months ago I found this egg like fossil/stone.


Location: Doesburg Holland, most likely Pleistocene deposit layer, exposed due to sand mining

The shape is symmetrical, and tapert, with crack lines, and small cracked bits. The outer surface looks layerd and even thickness. 

Furthermore, it looks like a bone/teeth line is near the surface/is penetrating it.


I've attached a series of photos and a 3d model scan. Reference size is 10 eurocent.


What do you guys think?


Merci Gr J


















model.mtl model.obj

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Tidgy's Dad

Water-rolled stone / pebble, I'm afraid. 

No eggshell texture but some mineral traces. 

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interesting that it only happened on 1 side, and the other side has chips and large cracks.. Here some higher res photos


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Concretions often have layers that mimic egg shell when they flake off. Some stones form a bit of a crust on the outer surface due to oxidation and river tumbling can polish that surface quite smooth. Erosion may add fine cracks to the outer surface completing a convincing egg-like texture. When a rounded cobble gets bounced around in a river (possibly during rainy flood conditions) part of that outer surface may break off revealing the contrast between the outer surface and the inner composition.


Because these types of pseudo-fossils are so common one of out members (who actually studies fossilized eggs) has written a nice little guide that is a great way of learning more about what real egg fossils look like and how to tell them from the many "fakers" out there. ;)






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The first picture is strange for me, but the others suggest a river rock with nice percussion marks on the outer side. :)

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