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Peterborough Geological and Paleontological Group website

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The new PGPG group has been set up to study the Geology and Paleontology of Peterborough and surrounding areas, to promote educate and help further scientific knowledge. It is a successor to the Stamford and District Geological Society which has a long history of collecting in the area around Peterborough as well as running a programme of evening talks.
The intitial aim of the group is to carry on with the programme of field trips organised by the SDGS and which have been very productive over the years. Many specimens of scientific significance have been found and are now in museum collections. The most recent of these is the Pliosaur discovered and excavated by SDGS members which is now in the collection of the North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe.

A longer-term ambition is to organise a programme of talks and presentations open to both members and non-members to explore the many different aspects of the sciences of geology and palaeontology.





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Great to see such dedication to the rich geological record of the area! With the excursions the PGPG lists on its site, it sounds like this group would've definitely been the group for me, if only I would've lived in the UK :default_clap2::yay-smiley-1:

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Don't let distance hold you up @pachy-pleuro-whatnot-odon as @Cris came on a field trip with us one year while in the UK. @DPS Ammonite could you please add the website to your alphabetized list of member’s websites. 

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