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Unknown Pennsylvanian Stark Shale Tooth or Pareidolia?

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Hi all,

Recently going through some of my Stark Shale material and prepping some of it and this little specimen has me wondering if it’s a tooth. It’s probably pareidolia but the lip at the bottom appears to have a sort of smoothness to it unlike the two protrusions. I'm not sure if the honeycombed structure is bone or cartilage but I’m trying to decide if I should prep it any further and any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.












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Looks like cartilage to me. Of what I have no idea.


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Not a tooth. Cartilage is possible

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@erose Thanks, me either.


@jdp Thanks for weighing in.


I've decided not to prep it further. I think it's probably just a small bit of cartilage.

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