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PA fossil rock ID, very heavy, found near Devonian fossils


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I found this in our backyard in a rock pile. I find many Devonian fossils in the shale lined creeks around Erie, PA. This rock appears to be similar but is extremely heavy and different colored. I can make out fossils but don’t recognize some of the imprints abs it appears folded and is SUPER heavy.

For comparison, the rock I found with it, also pictured here is about 3-4x the size but the smaller one weighs 3x as much. No magnetism, but has a burnt spot. Was it perhaps originally a large piece of the lighter fossil plate that someone burned (possibly in a fire pit?) and that is how it appears metamorphic and significantly heavier or more dense?


does not look like a meteor...no shiny smooth surface, etc....


any ideas?


1C763ABC-57F3-4CFC-A663-6933D5D46C19.thumb.jpeg.3f1ba26b093d1a7b99d5038c65c6eee8.jpeg E6F57178-40A7-4EAF-BA1E-1AA8D1AB7CCD.jpeg

45E2ED44-B34C-486F-B973-C40335657B17.jpeg E13A9807-417A-4A02-932F-40A756488C91.jpeg

5F324B65-E852-4797-B48B-4CA0CC55750A.jpeg C1E8164C-C3CF-42B3-A9F1-5AEF4FC5C845.jpeg

0ABC3B0D-D7FF-437F-B99E-5F0942F96C8F.jpeg EB0C75B1-A0F8-46EF-89C7-ECB26A8B974F.jpeg

72CAD872-5536-4AF2-B3E6-8FB284E04ADC.jpeg 61533621-F369-44B4-B7C1-2326A2E41158.jpeg 2F833907-26E6-40CE-ACEE-79DB92319647.jpeg




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Have you tried to scratch it with a nail?

Based on the weight, this could be a piece solder or lead.

Franz Bernhard

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I think you are right. It’s just a ball of metal waste someone melted in the yard at some point. I scratched and some metal appeared underneath. As well, you can see what appear to be man made tool marks. It just happened to be sitting adjacent some local fossil rock plates. Mystery solved. Thanks Franz!

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