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I made a schematic of the Paleozoic

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Daniel Fischer

Hello, I made a schematic of the Paleozoic the other day. schematic is probably not the right word for it but it's the best one I can think of, it's supposed to show the periods inside the Paleozoic and while not being perfectly accurate the idea of this thing is to give you a visual general idea of how long were the periods of the Paleozoic and some important events.

It's not meant to be perfect but if I have any mistakes in the timeline I would love to know about them especially because my sources of information weren't great.

I know it's not scientific at all and pretty poorly made, I am sorry if this is not appropriate to upload here because I know it's not directly fossil related. 

So as I said I would love to hear anything you have to say about this tiny project.


תרשים פליאוזואיקון.jpg

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!

I think @Wrangellian has done something similar, but quite detailed!?

I made also a primitive and incomplete, but evenly spaced chart some time ago to show local fossiliferous formations


Green = "New". Red = Extinction.

Franz Bernhard

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And here's the link to @Wrangellian's exceptionally detailed, proportional scale, including key events. This has been an ongoing project of his for quite some time: 


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Feel free to use it however you wish - crop a part of it out, list your own events, add colors, whatever.  ;)

I see there are more changes to make, as per the ICS. (stratigraphy.org).. Hi ho hi ho....

There is also the Time Scale Creator program, which kind of makes my project obsolete... https://timescalecreator.org/index/index.php

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