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Turtle Head Fossil


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100% NOT a "turtle head".  I cant tell from your pics whether this is just a rock or maybe a tumbled chunk of unidentifiable fossil bone.  I do see a few features that say "maybe" bone.

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Agreed.  This is not a turtle head fossil.  Better focused images could help determine if it is anything other than an interesting stone with differential weathering.

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I agree with the others, I think that this is a rock. This occurs because of pareidolia, the tendency of the mind to see something significant out of random shapes. My personal pareidolia sees a blastoid. ;) I do think, though, that there is a possibility of a brachiopod cross section (third photo), but better focused images would help. Happy hunting!




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Thank you all for your replies,I apologize for jumping to the turtle head conclusion. I very much appreciate the information and knowledge you all share. I will be posting another in a few minutes that I would appreciate any opinions on.

Thanks again!



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No apologies necessary.  BTW here is what a Cretaceous turtle skill looks like from Montana.  They do take several different shapes, this is one morph.

Stygio Skull T6.jpg

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Well, just think of a beach. On most beaches you will find a lot of shells before you encounter any bone, and keeping in mind that most vertebrates have only one head but lots of ribs, vertebrae etc. finding skulls is a relatively rare thing. It does happen of course. Looking at the details of whatever skull-like thing you have is the next step.

Best Regards,


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