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can you find shark teeth washed up on South Australian beach shores? if not why?

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I have heard of people finding them like seashells on some beaches but i have also been told you cant find them in SA which makes no sense to me because sharks loose teeth regularly  and we have plenty of sharks here

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Welcome to TFF from Austria!


3 hours ago, fossilcollectoraus said:

i have also been told you cant find them in SA

This is most probably to distract people from combing the beaches for shark teeth. To avoid competition for a resource!

Its the same all over the world:
"There is nothing to find anymore."

"Landowner has forbidden access."

And so on... Almost always BS.

Go out and explore. Soon you will have your own sites. And much better feeling than going to sites told to you.

Good luck!
Franz Bernhard

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Well, I do not know about down under.... but you don't find shark teeth or much of anything else on Hawaiian beaches.. I've looked... Everything seems to fall down the slopes of those underwater volcanoes...

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