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Hello, recently went on a trip to highcliffe beach/Barton on Sea (both have same formations and stretch of beach). I found 11 water-worn shark teeth from the shingle which are attached (I can post more of specific ones if needed) and lots of gastropods directly from the Barton clay, pictures will follow tomorrow if those. The formation is 40M years old. 


I have some rough ideas for what they may be but need some help :D Going from left to right starting on the first row:

1&2 I believe to be sand tiger shark of some sort. 

3,4,5 and 6 I thought could be Carcharodon Auriculatus.

7 Is part of a ray plate, although very hard to capture in a photo as it is so small.


Next row I don't have a clue about really except 1st I think is striatolomata sp. And 4 along (second tiny one) I think is also sand tiger possibly.


Particularly curious about the one I posted more photos of individually (⁶th along on row 2) as it has a very circular top, so wondered if this could be an alligator or croc tooth?


As I said I can post more of any individual ones and the gastropods tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any help, as I am in full noob mode trying to figure these out :P.


















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These are broken and very worn so IDs will be challenging.

The tooth you’ve posted multiple angles of looks like it’s the cusp of a shark tooth with the root broken off. The enamel doesn’t look right for reptile. It’s probably some type of sand tiger. I agree the first two on the top row are likely sand tigers as well; some on the bottom row may be too. I’m not sure that you’ll be able to get down to the genus or species on any of these.


The middle tooth in the top row looks like it may have a bourlette which could put it within the Otodus lineage of megatooth sharks. The age is right for Otodus (or Carcharocles, not Carcharodon) auriculatus. Do you see any evidence of serrations? Additional photos of that one might also help with the ID.

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