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NE Kansas | Kansas River | Bone ID


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A quick introduction. I have been walking the kaw for decades and have amassed a collection of artifacts and bones. What I have not amassed is the ID skills, especially between bison and cow. There are hints in the area I hunt that at one time, long ago, a butchery that either has eroded off the bank or they discarded items into the river. Guessing it was near Grantville, Kansas. 

So it can be a bit confusing for me between that and how the river deposits in general can age at different rates depending on where they’ve been hiding out. I really look forward to getting to know the items I have and some of you!


My goal is to start pairing down my collection. I want to be accurate and honest about what I am presenting and not just going on Google guessing. 


Thanks for any help and if there are things I can do to improve my postings in the future please feel free to push this newb around and set me straight. Thank you.

and now, the first bone.  Am I correct in thinking this is a tibia? Is there a sure way to know if it’s bison or cow?






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Harry Pristis

This appears to be a radius, perhaps from a subadult cow.  In an adult, the radius would be fused firmly to the ulna  We need an end-on view of both ends of the bone for a more reliable ID,  views like this:1103582431_bisonproximaltibia.JPG.16acaf88bb5d24c6ba1bac25614fcbf0.JPG





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Hi, Harry. 
Here are some shots of the ends. Hopefully the shadows aren’t an issue. 

Thanks for taking a look and helping me to expand my skills. 






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Harry Pristis

I think it's bovid, a cow (or bison) radius.



bovid radius distal.JPG

bovid radius prox.JPG

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