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Mako shark teeth

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Tailgate show finds. as tagged. 

Species   Carcharodon hastalis 
(Isurus) hastalis

Extinct Mako Shark

Miocene-Pliocene (~2.6 to 15 million years)

Hawthorne Formation

Beaufort County, South Carolina 


my added if correct. I would like more information such as upper or lower and which side is showing. Is this an extinct great white shark and type? 

large 1 3/8th in. long small 1 1/16th inch

This is a 1 3/8th inch long, nicely colored tooth of Isurus hastalis, 
an extinct giant mako shark.




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PELECYPODS is this a Fossilized giant clams. Cucuillaea gigantea or a Large fossil clam steinkern? At the tailgate show. 




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Pretty sure the larger tooth is an Otodus since it has a bourlette. Hawthorne Formation was Otodus angustidens right? Don't quote me on that though.

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as tagged, cow shark. 

Sharks Teeth     
Species   Carcharodon 
(Isurus) hastalis

Extinct Mako Shark

Notorynchus primigenius (Agassiz, 1843)
Fossil Cow Shark 

Miocene - Pliocene (~2.6 to 15 million years)

Hawthorne Formation 

Beaufort County, South Carolina 

Large tooth 1 1/16 in 2.8 cm

my search info. Notorynchus cepedianus tooth identification 
5 five cusp, showing masial side. 
Lower lateral Notorynchus cepedianus fossil shark tooth 


I assume that these have been glued to a piece of matrix not necessarily from the location of the teeth?  





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