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Musée de l'iguanodon

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Last Saturday our geology club “Lithos” planned a trip to the “Musée de l’iguanodon” in Bernissart. 



Apart from the usual exposition there was also a temporary display of the geology of the “Hainaut” that was made by the local geology club of Bernissart ( C.G.H. )

As a bonus we also had the opportunity to visit the club rooms and collections of the C.G.H. in the buildings next to the museum. Their collections included lots of regional fossils, minerals from all over the world an minerals from Belgium.


The expo from CGH:



Fossils from the former coal mines:






Some of the museum displays:





The real deal :) a genuine specimen from the famous site of Bernissart:



some of the display cases in the club rooms from the CGH:





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Never heard of this one before. Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

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Tidgy's Dad


Thanks for sharing. 

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2 hours ago, ziggycardon said:

Thanks for sharing Kevin! 
Looks like a nice museum, I might have to pay it a visit as well :) 

note that the museum is only 500m away from the old mine shaft where they pulled out al the Iguanodons :).

but the shaft is covered with concrete and is situated in a private garden.




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