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Fossil Scapula Identification, Possible Tyrannosaur?


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Hello! I'm a new member and I discovered this forum recently. I've already learned so much browsing threads.


I'm not sure if it'll be possible, but I was hoping that I could get some help identifying a section of fossil scapula that I came across and was thinking of purchasing. The seller doesn't have much information on it besides it being a Hell Creek find in South Dakota. He thinks it may be from a tyrannosaur. Pictures attached, any thoughts would be great!




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Partial bones are always hard to identify.  Ive included a photo of Scapula of a Trex to compare against and it would be the distal end.  I lean against this assignment.




The bones texture and its broken end looks more like a herbivore than a theropod. So another possibility given how flat it is and shape is the proximal end of a Pubis from an Edmontosaurus. Added some photos to compare against, they can get quite large.






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