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Mini fossilized egg or Mini Rock?


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Hello I'm new to the fossil forum and hopefully I provide enough information. I found this fossil egg looking Rock in poweshiek County Iowa. One of my close friends owns a farm and we have been finding several possible fossils in the creek and near the surface on the hillside. The farm is 26 acres and located on Glacier land which is very Sandy with steep hills down to the creek which starts about two miles away from me natural spring and never dries up. This one was found about two feet below the water, sand and mud. It appears as if the little rascal was hatching, that is if it's an egg. Thank you






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Welcome to TFF from Austria!


Mini Rock :).

No egg-shape overall and in detail, no egg-shell. 


5 minutes ago, Birdyyz said:

we have been finding several possible fossils

Would you like to show some off?

Franz Bernhard

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Rock, not an egg, unfortunately. 

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Thank you for the warm welcome from Austria Franz I appreciate your help identifying my rock. It looked just odd enough to where I figured I'd better double-check. And yes I would enjoy sharing some of my recent finds. I will share them soon thank you

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