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Thick Enchodus Palatine NJ stream


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1 hour ago, M Harvey said:

Looks reptilian to me.  My vote is for a very eroded mosasaur jugal.

The broken surfaces and overall shape run counter to a mosasaur jugal.


29 minutes ago, Harry Pristis said:

Is the jugal represented by the prominence at "F"?



The jugal defines the lower portion of the eye orbit.  (Noted as "j" on Russell's diagram in Systematics and Morphology of American Mosasaurs.)

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I also don't see a mosasaur jugal in this...

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It's Enchodus. You can see the scars on your fossil from the replaced fangs as the fish grew. Here is a photo of another example showing these scars from "The Oceans of Kansas" website.




oceans of kansas.JPG

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