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DFW creek - September 29th

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I hunted for the second day in a row yesterday. This was a creek in the middle of Dallas-Fort Worth. I'd wanted to make a trip to this creek for a while, plus had some errands in the city, so made the drive for both yesterday. After the long and arduous hike the day before, this was supposed to be short and easy. I was seriously mistaken about that. The creek banks were just too steep to get into the creek. I ended up walking quite a ways, and even then, went down a bank so steep that I tied a rope and left it to get myself back up the bank. I was thinking that if rain got anywhere near me, I'd better clear out quick, or I'd never make it back up that bank.


This is an Eagle Ford creek. It was a really great looking outcrop in this creek, but I couldn't get it to yield much. And the shower the night before had the gravel bars wet enough that they were tough hunting too. But I did bring home a few pieces. This ammonite was trying to crumble.


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This little piece attached to the matrix looks a lot different than all the other shell fragments I saw. Part of a crab, maybe?


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3 minutes ago, BudB said:

And then there was this. In case I didn't recognize this side of it at all,



It will be an Eagle Ford version of this.  Nice finds, Bud.

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Neanderthal Shaman

Nice finds! Sorry the tooth didn't want to come out, but I think that teeth can look rather nice in situ. Gives a nice bit of geological context to them. 

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