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Found a cool Glossopteris leaf at Bar Beach, Newcastle NSW :)

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Hey y'all! 

Smol post but my partner and I found a Glossopteris leaf (on the left) and (on the right) a plant fragment from a Permian exposure at Bar Beach, Newcastle :yay-smiley-1:





(here is a very professional picture of the fossil with a ruler! very fossil! very cool! :BigSmile:)




For reference, here is the beautiful bar beach somewhat near where we found the cool lil fossil: 





I wish I could show you more but I actually went to the beach to find some beach rocks, minerals, and shells! (If u guys wanna see them, I would gladly show but ofc they are not fossils lol)


Will post more to this thread if I find more cool fossils near Bar Beach! 


Thanks to my buddy pal @Paleoworld-101 for always helping me with identifying things I find (and don't find haha) :tiphat:

Week 11 at uni, one more week to go (plus exams lol) and then its time to HUNT SOME FOSSILSSSSSS :megdance:


Stay safe y'all, freedom day today in NSW hahah :default_rofl:




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Nicely done, the first find of many! Seems like a nice stretch of coast too. Looking forward to seeing what you come across next. 

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Congratulations! Makes me wanna go look for plant fossils :)

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