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Crab abdomen prep help

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So I'm prepping this crab I got from Indonesia but the bottom is looking a little weird one part of it looks like a piece is flipped over is that possible? Also it's very very fragile.





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On the crabs i have prepped both ventral and dorsal, i left a band of rock all the way around to keep it intact, the matrix was also quite hard, you risk breaking your specimen if you subject it to vibrations


The apron might be missing, and if that is the case there is a convex piece similar to what you have uncovered, it would go into a V shape with the wide end being at the back end of the carapace

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As you said, the cuticle is very, very fragile... and it seems that the matrix rock is harder. 

If not for an aesthetical purpose, no much additional information can give your fossil, given that this species is relatively common in many countries and localities with better preservation and showing many times its ventral features.

Don't worry, leave it like this, it is good.




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I agree. I'd leave it like this

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