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Hi guys

Went over to Sheppey yesterday to see what I could find... I'm a total novice, so I tend to pick up anything with an interesting shape and/or texture. Found some pyritised wood/twigs, a bit of crab in a phosphatic nodule, a little gastropod and some very round seed pods. The following pics are of the ones I had trouble figuring out due to their shapes resembling other things. Any clues would be great! Thanks 




I'd like to think it's some kind of pointy reptile scute, but from my browse online it's possibly a pyritised seed husk?

3rd pic shows the depth of the piece and a VERY smooth and shiny blob inside




LEFT: Again, probably a seed pod/husk. Has a pitted texture similar to a piece of crab shell, but a lot less uniform. Kinda reminds me of a Tapir toe
RIGHT: Possibly a shrimp? lobster? Maybe some clustered belemnite parts? Looks like a very full hot dog bun haha. Had to wet it to bring out the details.




I thought some encased bone or wood? Online research leads me to believe it could be a lobster burrow? The back is solid light brown rock with no inner black part showing through.




Had to dunk this one in some water to get the details and colour to come out. 3rd pic looks a lot darker and shinier for some reason, but it's not coal.
Fossilised wood- with possible bug borings? (based on the dotty parts in the 2nd pic)




Hopefully there's something vaguely interesting here haha
Thanks for looking 

IMG_20211014_121259 crop.jpg

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An interesting site isn't it?  Number five looks to be wood with shipworm ('teredo') borings in it. 


If you enjoy collecting in that area, you might look for 'London Clay Fossils of Kent and Essex' by Rayner et al.  2009.  It is an excellent book.  

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