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East Texas creek, October 12th

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On Tuesday, I made a trip back to the East Texas creek where I had found micro teeth last month. This creek is a Kincaid Formation outcrop. I had found the one and only productive area there just before I had to leave last time, so wanted to explore it better. Rain threatened the entire time I was there Tuesday, but it didn't really rain hard until I had gotten back home. 


Unlike my last time there, I found very little soft matrix on top of the limestone this time. At first, I wondered if it was just because our dry spell lately had hardened everything, but the more I explored, the more I came to realize that most of the softer matrix had just already been chiseled off. It's a reminder of how hard it is to find spots that aren't over hunted here in Texas. I didn't find many teeth at all this time, but brought home some suspicious matrix from where I did find a few teeth. I just finished going through that matrix, and sure enough, it did have a few more teeth in it. Here is what I got from the trip, including what I found in the matrix.


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There were shell fragments everywhere in the matrix, but this looked very different from most. Is it from a crab?


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Nice finds.  I would say that the shell fragment with the little holes is from a bivalve, and the holes were produced by a boring sponge.

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