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Some of Greenland’s Archean rubies possible linked to early life


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Some of the world’s oldest rubies linked to early life

Carbon residue that was once ancient life found encased

in a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby, University of Waterloo


Ancient Traces of Life Discovered Encased in a 2.5 Billion-Year-Old Ruby

SciTechDaily, October 24, 2021


2.5 billion-year-old traces of life locked inside primeval ruby

"The graphite inside this ruby is really unique."

By Yasemin Saplakoglu , October 24, 2021


The paper is:


Yakymchuk, C., van Hinsberg, V., Kirkland, C.L., Szilas, K.,

Kinney, C., Kendrick, J. and Hollis, J.A., 2021. Corundum

(ruby) growth during the final assembly of the Archean North

Atlantic Craton, southern West Greenland. Ore Geology

Reviews, no. 104417.




Paul H.

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citation: see above

about 27MB

edit: i found this interesting for its phase petrology,students of early life will (JUST*)find a useful bibliography for greenland's

Precambrian petrology


edit two: I'm with the author's thoughts on distal decarbonation processes

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