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Huge jaw segment of ancient bear in china (Indarctos zdanski)


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This individual of the jaw segment may be not smaller than the largest indarctos oreogonensis(The huge individual of indarctos oreogonensis is shown in the 6th picture, which is a huge jaw with the length of 369mm. It’s full length of head may be longer than 55cm, much larger than any bear presents in the modern world ). For this huge bear jaw segment found in china, its depth of jaw behind the canine(Shown in the 4th photo) has a value even larger than the corresponding part of the largest indarctos oreogonensis(data’s shown in the table from the paper on the 5th photo, I had drawn a circle around it )! This implies  that huge bears which weighs more than 1.2 tons were also present in ancient china!








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This individual of Indarctos zdanski had also experienced an abnormal growth. Only four incisors were found(most have six)

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Don't you think it could be Agriotherium?

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