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Here is a better look at a Tuzoia from the site! I found this partial a few years back and it was my first! :) 

One of those "last minute huge find" stories haha






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I wish I had found one of those... I thought I did (one of those last-minute finds) and I even entered it into the Fossil of the Month contest, but what I had turned out to be just a partial Wanneria (adult). :blush: I was fooled by the vaguely phyllocarid arrangement of the pieces and the tiled surface ornament which I thought was a Tuzoia trait.

Beforehand, Chris Jenkins had told us there wasn't much left at the site, that the "quarry had been filled in" and we shouldn't expect to find much, but I guess he's used to finding complete trilobites. I thought it was one of the more enjoyable spots we collected that week even if I found nothing complete. I thought I heard that one guy in our group did find a complete trilo but I didn't get to see it before we disbanded.

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