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Upcoming book on Mesozoic birds

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Just letting everyone that today Lynx edicicons, one of the best publishers of field guides to birds there is coming out with a field guide to Mesozoic birds and anyone who is interested in the topic should keep there eyes open for this book that is probably going to be amazing.


Presentation of forthcoming book "Birds of the Mesozoic. An Illustrated Field Guide” by Juan Benito and Roc Olivé. Due Summer 2022. Cover illustration of Ichthyornis, an extinct genus of toothed seabird-like ornithuran from the late Cretaceous period of North America.

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That's amazing, Lynx books are the best. I love their books "All the Birds of the World" and the "Illustrated Checklist of Mammals". 
Glad they are making a book about Mesozoïc Birds, that one is going straight to my wishlist! :) 

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