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Not sure if egg or not...


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Hello all, I joined because I've always been fascinated by fossils, but also because I figured this might be a good place to ask this question: could this be a fossilized egg? It called to me to pick it up out of millions of rocks and stones on a beach in Brighton, UK over 25 years ago, and I just unearthed it again from a box of curios - I've always wondered what it may be, as it's got a surface I've never come across in my travels. I do have access to a fossil park I can take it to have analyzed, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. Fossil, or simply a neat rock? It is about 3" long and 1 1/2" wide.

Thank you! 



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Very pretty, but not an egg :) 


It lacks the common characteristics of texture that determines eggs, but nevertheless it’s quite a pretty rock! 

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I agree. I'd call it a very neat rock.

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It's a wonderful specimen I'd be happy to have on my shelf, but I have to agree with the others.

This look geological in origin to me.

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Indeed, a very pretty object, rolled into an egg-like shape by the long shore drift along the south coast of England. 

I don't know what the mineral is, but feel that I should. 

Lovely. :)

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I think it's a well sea-worn flint sponge, the pattern showing a beautiful canal structure.

(Or just possibly a flint nodule which sometimes has a surface like that anyway when a sponge isn't involved - I don't really know why but perhaps preserving some of the intense bioturbation which occurred in the Chalk before it solidified completely. But this looks too organised.)


Here's a blow up of a bit of it (great photo by the way), with contrast upped and colour removed to accentuate the pattern. I'm not sure but it looks as if the dark flint represents the actual skeleton, the wide white patches being chalk filled voids


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