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Found this in a dirt road ditch washout in Northern Lower Michigan. Appears to have fossilized bone on the right side of the "footprint". IMG_20210915_202343756.thumb.jpg.fbefa633179d7a3861fa5eceff4da231.jpg

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Welcome to the Forum. :)


Please take a picture from all sides, looking down at it on a flat surface.

Your image is too blurry to make out any detail.

Your fingers are in focus, not the rock.




It is not likely to be a footprint, as it appears to be a coarse grained limestone type of rock. (Wrong type of rock)

No fossil footprints have been found in Michigan, as far as I know.

This could be an imprint/mold of something like an orthocone cephalopod, but not a footprint.


What county was it found in?

What is the size of the item?

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I don't think that this is what you think it is, but we'd need some more views of the object from other perspectives to tell for sure. And please make sure that they are more sharp than this one.

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