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turtle skull identification


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i have been compiling an osteological analysis of this turtle skull unfortunately despite research i have no idea what species it is. due to poor cataloging when first discovered all that is known about the fossil is that it was found in Oued Zem morocco. IMG_20211109_144136941.thumb.jpg.76e983043ebf10a519cf9d223c50bb6f.jpg



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Please post these image angles of the skull:



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Have a look at THIS PDF when you get a chance.

Search the page for : Testudines Batsch, 1788


There are some suggestions in it to research further.

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thank you for the link i will use it.

sorry about the angles of the skull as well. because of its delicate nature i couldn't handle it to much especially turning it upside down at the time the photos were taken. it it being treated at the moment so i cant get new images yet but i will repost when possible. 

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