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Fossil Sites Near Kingston NY


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Hello all, I am going to be traveling to Northwestern CT to spend Thanksgiving with my family and this summer I found some Devonian era fossils near there that had been brought from upstate NY. Currently I have no commitments on Friday and my family is not using the car so I was planning to go and check out the sites along route 209 in Kingston NY and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this site and any tips about where to look and just general information about this location. Also, are the road cutouts the best place to go fossil hunting in the area or are there additional nearby sites that are worth checking out, I will have access to a car so I could go to some other nearby locations as well. Thank you for reading this and hopefully for sharing your experience with the area.

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@Jeffrey P


I would suggest the road cuts on the eastern side of Route 9 in Glenerie.
Some nice Lower Devonian fossils weather out, and can be found by surface collecting.

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That Glenerie site that Tim mentioned is actually on Route 9W north of Kingston and is definitely worth while especially at the north end of the roadcut.  .Route 209 northeast of the intersection with Route 28, at the very top of the incline, on the west side of the road, is productive for Middle Devonian bivalves and cephalopods. You have to look in the very bottom of the exposure. You also might want to check out Route 199 just west of the Kingston/Rhinecliff Bridge for Silurian corals and Lower Devonian brachiopods.

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