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Where can I go near Yankeetown Florida?


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Im not sure if this is the right place to ask.


We are going to Yankeetown, Florida for chritmas break and I was wondering if someone could suggest where we could go to do some fossil hunting and what we could look for?  It is myself, my wife and two teenage boy, but my wife might not come with us..  We are novice hunters, we have hunted several time in the Peace river, once in South Carolina.  We will have a trowel and I made a few sifters.  We wont have a boat.


I saw someone had hunted Econoids in that area.  We have never looked for them but if someone could point us in the right direction that would be great. 



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Welcome to TFF.   I know that @Sacha has searched Yankeetown for Echinoids many times. You can read about hunting Yankeetown by going up to top right of this page to the SEARCH window and type in Yankeetown.

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@digit can describe for you how and where to look since you will not have kayaks with you.

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