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Help with Identification of possible Prehistoric? Camel Tooth?


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Help with Identification of possible Prehistoric? Camel Tooth? Thank you for looking at this recent find. I found this on the banks of SE Ohio River yesterday. I used Google Lens to possibly identify this as an prehistoric camel tooth. Interestingly enough, this was found in an old trash dump? on the river with other antique broken pottery pieces. The river has widened over the years and now may envelop old dumps as the soil has eroded. Near the tooth, I found an old Indian Trade Pipe. I may be totally wrong, but I think this is a camel tooth. Many years ago, in the 1940's, I was told there was a circus here in this town and there were camels. I also just did a bit of research and found that John Robinson's Circus was at Middleport, Ohio in 1878 in the days when it traveled by boat. So, many possibilities! Thank you for looking!





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Welcome to TFF, I do hope you like it here and find enough to come back often.


Your tooth is not camel because it has Stylids... those 2 long bumps at 1/3rd and 2/3rd across the tooth in your 1st photo.  It is either modern cow or ancient bison.

It has no roots and never did... Teeth form enamel first and then the roots grow in these mammals.. Your tooth was still being formed when the animal died.


I am hoping others will provide advice on whether it is bison or modern cow.

You should read this thread:



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Harry Pristis

It appears to be an unerupted deciduous tooth.  This must have been a VERY young cow, possibly still an embryo.

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