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Bivalve mollusks. Perlovitsa (genus Unio) vs. Praemyonia (?)

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Comparison of river bivalve (genus Unio) and fossil bivalve mollusk of the Carbon (presumably Praemyonia).
The find was made in quaternary moraine deposits containing carboniferous rocks.
The photo also shows the moment of the discovery (October 2021).IMG_20211002_144626_1.thumb.jpg.a5d18a46e01c347437d4a9e46100b188.jpgIMG_20211002_144610.thumb.jpg.98558e840fbeed47727fc0ef16703d97.jpgDSC_0079_00001-1.thumb.jpg.47b1bfdd79eabc52fc686af964584bb0.jpgDSC_0049_00001.thumb.jpg.2a2c7ce2b01ace4437bcb94ad64e58b7.jpgDSC_0048_00001.thumb.jpg.0c42f716cc9acb1d813161e92ec2a284.jpg

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Welcome to the Forum. :)


Nice bivalve fossil.  Amazing how little they've changed over the millions of years.

Thanks for posting it.

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