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NSR Misc Package for Ammonites

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Hey everyone. Thought I would  give this a go. If this goes well I can probably put together a couple more like this and maybe a couple packages of other items from the NSR.


These are all from the North Texas River in Northeast Texas. Unprepped as I found them. Well, maybe a soft toothbrush and water. Two mosy vertebrae, calcite covered clam (Incoceramus barabini) with some shell still there covered, red clam steinkern (Incoceramus barabini) , red ammonite piece, 2 gastropod (Gyrodes major) steinkerns, clam steinkern (Anomia argentaria), one black and 2 red baculite pieces (nice sutures on two, Baculites aquilaensis), mosy tooth (thinking Clidastes propython but could be wrong), gastropod (Anchura substriata), gastrpod (not sure of species. needs prep work), ammonite piece (Trachyscaphites spiniger) and one button coral (Micrabracia rotilia). Some will think that the coral is coprolite but the NSR guidebook has them listed as button coral. As you can with the variance of the NSR fossils can vary widely in color due to the matrix they come out of. Plus, you can beat them out of concrete like rocks like the unidentified gastropod. 


Wanting to trade for ammonite/s. Prefer whole but willing to consider others. Lets see what you might be willing to offer. Continental US please.








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Deal has been made on this lot. I'll get another ready and post next week. 

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